Moving For a Job: How To Move To a New City

Landing a new job is always an exciting time, but if the new position also means a new city, it may introduce some new stress. But moving for a job doesn’t have to be full of anxiety. Follow some of these tips and tricks to make moving to a new city a stress-free adventure.

Rent or Buy?

Unless you’re already very familiar with the new city.. it’s often a good idea to rent for a while before buying a home. Renting gives you a chance to get familiar with the area while you become more comfortable with specifics like commute times and the feel of a neighborhood. Renting also provides more flexibility in case your new job isn’t a good fit and you decide to move on.
However, if the rental market is tight, or you already have a good idea of where you want to live and the budget to do it, buying has lots of benefits in the long run. Take time to weigh your options and then look for a good realtor or rental agent to help you find a new pad.

Choose a Method for Your Move

Once you’ve found a place to call home, it’s time to prepare for the transition. Create a moving budget to figure out what type of move you should make. If funds are tight, you can do everything yourself, but this can be a lot of work and is the most stressful option. If you’d rather sit back and give someone else the reins, hire movers to take care of the tough stuff for you. However, be prepared to pay top dollar for the service.

Sort Your Stuff

No matter what type of move you make decide what to take and what to get rid of. Start collecting moving boxes and packing supplies as soon as you know you’re moving to prevent the panic that comes with being unprepared at the last minute.

Last-Minute Details

Moving comes with a lot of odds and ends that can overwhelm you if you aren’t prepared. Leave yourself plenty of time to clean your house or apartment before vacating, and don’t forget to disconnect your utilities. Be sure to forward your mail to your new address as well.

Get Comfortable in Your New Home

Take a weekend or two to explore your new city. Check out the areas around your new living space. Workplace to look for coffee shops, fun restaurants, and cool hangout spots. Getting used to your house and getting comfortable is the most important thing.

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