Moving Tips for Moving Out of State

When you’re in the military, frequent moves are a way of life. Although there’s no way to completely eliminate the hassle that comes with packing. There are ways to make things less stressful when you get your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. From choosing how you want to proceed with the move to packing and planning correctly…Here are some moving and packing tips and tricks to help ease the process. Here are our moving tips for you…

Choose Your Move

Once you receive your orders, you may have the choice of a do-it-yourself (DITY) move rather than waiting for the military to handle everything for you. Choosing the DITY move means you are responsible for packing and moving all your belongings, but some people prefer this option because it gives them greater control over the moving process. If you opt for the DITY move, find out from the start exactly what expenses receive reimbursement, and keep receipts for everything. Start looking for moving boxes and arrange for a moving truck as soon as you can.

Pack Smartly

Even if your move is weeks away, it helps to start packing as soon as possible. In addition to finding moving boxes, take a look around your house and search for packing materials you may already have. For example, plastic food storage containers are ideal for storing jewelry or other small items. Towels and blankets make excellent cushions for breakable items.
Packing smart also means taking time to thoughtfully put your items into boxes, grouping things by room, and based on how urgently you will need to use them after arrival. Because traveling out of state is a big move. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to remember where you packed the silverware. Use colored duct tape or bright markers to quickly identify which rooms boxes go in, and then carefully label the contents of every box. It can also help to pack essentials like medication, toiletries, and a change of clothes together, so these items are handy when you arrive at your new home.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is the key to keeping your sanity during the move. Create a PCS binder for all your essential documents related to the move. Like receipts and paperwork regarding your travel arrangements. Within the binder, make folders for vital documents like birth certificates, school records, medical paperwork, and vehicle documents. Because this binder holds everything you need, don’t rely on it alone. Make photocopies of everything and store them in a safe place for extra security.

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